The Team

Our Team member Amberly Hadlock

Amberly D. Hadlock

Amberly has extensive experience working for various medical practices and in the healthcare field.  Amberly is a certified phlebotomist and is the main point of contact for the MTC.  Amberly has been assisting Mr. Hadlock for over 5 years at the MTC and has an innate ability to make all patients feel welcome and comfortable.   


Jerry A. Hadlock, CRNA

Mr. Hadlock graduated in 2008 from the University of Utah with a BSN.  After working two years in a cardiovascular ICU, Mr. Hadlock attended Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia (KPSAN) graduating with a MSN and becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  Mr. Hadlock has been providing anesthesia for several years in the greater Southern Utah Region and currently serves as the Director of Anesthesia at SGSC. Mr. Hadlock has been treating headache sufferers for over five years and has completed well over 100 SPG Blocks.


About Us


SPG Block

The MTC was the first healthcare facility in St. George to offer the Sphenopalatineganglion (SPG) Block via Sphenocath technology for migraine and other headaches.  The SPG Block is an approximate 15 minute non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects. This is a low risk, high success nerve block that is safe for both children and adults.  We have treated patients from as young as 7 years-old, pregnant mothers, and patients as old as 75 years-old. Our patients report the SPG Block offers them more pain free days and the restoration of regular life more quickly than most other treatments.


Treatment Plan

Your first visit will include an in-depth consultation, orientation of the procedure to be performed via videos and brochures, vital signs and physical assessment, medication list review, and the SPG Block.  The first visit will take the better part of one hour.  The second visit will ideally occur 7-10 days after the first and will include a follow-up visit and another SPG Block.  The third visit ideally occurs at 2-4 weeks after the second treatment.  This is a crucial check point to see how well you have progressed.  At this point, 90% of patients report a marked improvement of headaches with the majority reporting no migraines at all.  Rebound headaches are common, but rarely do they ever get to the strength and duration of the original migraines. 


IV Therapy Treatment

Our IV Therapy treatment is a great way to supplement the SPG Block.  Many patients are dehydrated and suffering from electrolyte imbalances.  IV therapy can help balance your system and improve the results of the SPG Block.  If you are only interested in IV Therapy alone, we are more than happy to schedule a treatment or a series of treatments.